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Our services include the following. Please click on the service to obtain more information.
  • Hearing Evaluation for All Ages
We offer complete hearing testing for adults and children. The purpose of a complete evaluation of your hearing is to determine if a hearing problem exists. If a hearing problem should exist, we will make the proper recommendations and discuss the options that are available to you.For adults a complete audiological examination consists of "Pure Tone Testing", "Speech Testing", "Impedance Testing", and "Otoacoustic Emmisssion Testing", when needed.

For children a complete audiological examination will consist of the same type of testing as an adult with the child's parent or guardian accompanying him/her into the test booth. For children under the age of five various other testing methods will be employed to get a full picture of the child's hearing. This testing will be done by two audiologists. Other tests that will be employed are "Impedance Testing" and "Otoacoustic Emmission Testing". "Impedance Testing" evaluates the function of the "middle ear" and "Otoacoustic Emmission Testing" evaluates the function of the "outer hair cells" of the "cochlea" (the inner ear).

  • Hearing Aid Fitting
Hearing aids come in many different shapes, sizes and technologies. Each patient's requirements are different. We can customize a hearing aid to fit your individual needs. By having access to a range of different manufacturers, we can inform you of your options and help you decide what is most appropriate for you. 
  • Counseling for Patients & Families
We know that obtaining a hearing aid is a big step for anyone. We will spend time speaking to you and your family members about what to expect from your hearing aids and how to deal with any issues that may come up while you are using them. 
  • Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive listening devices are designed to improve your listening experience in many areas of your life.For some it may mean a TV listening headset to comfortably listen to the TV without disturbing the rest of the neighborhood. For others it may be an amplified telephone so you can hear without having to ask the person on the other end to repeat. We carry many items that can enhance your listening experience. Just give us a call or send us an email, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 
  • Custom Ear Molds
We offer a full line of custom ear molds.Here are the types of custom ear molds that are available to you:

- Hearing Aid Molds (all styles and materials)
- Swim Molds (custom colors available)
- Hearing Protection Molds for Hunters and Shooters
- Musicians Earplugs (15dB and 25dB dampers available)
- Ear Molds for Cell Phone "Hands-Free" kits
- Custom Musician Monitor Ear Molds

Our molds are made directly from your ears. We first insert a foam block to keep the impression material from reaching you ear drum. Then we use a silicone-based material designed not to stick to the skin of your ear canal to make an impression of your ear. The impressions are then sent out to the manufacturer to be custom made for you. All our custom ear molds come with a 90 day warranty. 

  • Hearing Aid Inspection
Bring your hearing aids to us for an inspection and cleaning. We will measure the functioning of your hearing aids to make sure they are working up to the manufacturer's specifications. We will also evaluate how well your hearing aid is adjusted for your hearing loss. Hearing aid technology is always changing. We will keep you informed about the latest technology that will assist you in hearing the best that you can in all aspects of your life. 
  • Instant Online Hearing Test
Hearing Test Online? Well, any written hearing test is not as good as a real hearing test using headphones in a soundbooth....but we've designed a written hearing test that may help you understand if the signs and symptoms you're experiencing are consistent with typical "hearing loss" signs and symptoms. The written test is quick, it's instantly scored, and it's confidential. Click here to take the Healthy hearing written hearing test. 
  • Hearing Aids Offered
Several hearing aid options are available.
Completely-in-the-canal (CIC): The smallest hearing aid on the market. It is available in digital, programmable, and conventional technology. It will accommodate mild to moderate hearing loss.

In-the-canal (ITC): This is slightly bigger than the CIC. It is available in digital, programmable, and conventional technology. It will accommodate mild to moderate hearing loss.

In-the-ear (ITE): One of the more common styles of hearing aids. It is available in digital, programmable, and conventional technology. It will accommodate mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Behind-the-ear (BTE): One of the more flexible hearing aids to fit. It can accommodate hearing loss from mild to profound. It is available in digital, programmable, and conventional technology.


  • Financing Available
0% Down with Payments Stretched Out Over 12 Months. We offer 0% down financing for 12 months with low monthly payments on all hearing aid purchases of $1000 and above. 
  • Battery Sales
We carry a full line of hearing aid batteries made by one of the premier battery manufacturers: RAYOVAC. Join our new "Battery Club" and receive a great discount on all sizes of hearing aid batteries. Call NOW for more information.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
From time to time hearing aids need repair and service.
We are able to repair all types of hearing aids, even if you didn't purchase them from us. All our repairs are done by a reputable lab and come with a standard one year warranty. Call or email us for more information.


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