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Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) is a type of hearing test used to determine how well your inner ear, cochlea, works. An emission refers to the sound generated within the normal cochlea of the ear in response to stimulation. OAE testing is used for many reasons, including screening of infants and other special populations.
An FM (frequency modulated) hearing system is used to help individuals with hearing loss hear in noisy environments, such as a classroom or conference room. There are two parts to an FM system: a microphone and a transmitter. This device will aid an individual with hearing loss by providing better amplification.
Muffled hearing can be the result of a couple factors. If you have recently been exposed to loud sounds, for example you attended a live music concert, then you could be experiencing temporary hearing loss. Sometimes, muffled hearing can also be the result of clogged ears due to earwax build-up. Regardless of why your hearing has suddenly become muffled, our hearing specialist can help you by performing a hearing test and looking inside your ears.

Clogged ears can be uncomfortable and even muffle your hearing. If you have excessive earwax build-up that is bothering you, please contact us. Our hearing specialist can look inside your ears to determine what is causing your problem and refer you to an ENT if you could benefit from earwax removal.

An auditory processing test is used to determine the presence of an auditory processing disorder. Although similar to hearing loss, auditory processing disorder is a hearing and understanding problem that mostly affects school age children.

At our hearing center we carry many styles and types of hearing aids, including invisible devices. We are able to offer Lyric hearing aids, a truly invisible hearing solution that sits inside your ear canal. To determine if a Lyric hearing aid would benefit you, you will first need to have a hearing test. Contact us today if you are interested in invisible hearing aids.

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