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Talking Sounds

What Are Talking Sounds?

Hearing and comprehension are vital parts of effective communication. If we are unable to hear the nuances of sounds, then we aren’t able to capture the deeper meaning behind conversations. Being able to understand what someone is saying, not only the words they say but their tone as well, are crucial for successful communication.


It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

Conversations and talking sounds often hold emotion. It’s not just what you say that has meaning, but how you say it. Studies have shown that individuals with untreated hearing loss have a reduced ability to hear emotion or tone in a conversation. This is because they are often focusing all of their energy into hearing the words being spoken.


Talking sounds are an important part of effective communication. Recognizing emotion in words keeps us connected to the people around us.


You can improve your ability to hear talking sounds.

If you find it difficult to recognize emotion or tone in a conversation, then you should schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation. A common sign of hearing loss is not being able to clearly understand conversations, especially when there is background noise present.


A hearing evaluation will help us understand what sounds you are missing and how severe your hearing loss is. Then we can recommend a pair of hearing aids that will provide you with the amplification and clarity you need to hear certain sounds and frequencies again.


Be proactive and schedule your appointment today.

The nuances of hearing and understanding talking sounds is so important. Whether you’re having a conversation with a coworker, a friend is telling a story, or you are connecting with family, hearing the emotion behind their words is crucial for effective communication.

If you feel you aren’t picking up on the tone of people’s words, contact our office today. We can test your hearing and help you find a pair of hearing aids that will allow you to understand the conversation.


If you already wear hearing aids but you feel you are still missing out on certain sounds or frequencies, then it may be time for a hearing aid checkup. Sometimes the small components of your hearing aids can become blocked with dust, earwax, or dead skin cells. This can affect their performance, causing you to miss certain sounds. We can also adjust the programming on your current hearing aids to ensure they are performing correctly for you.


Don’t miss out on important talking sounds! Schedule your appointment today.