Learn about tinnitus treatment solutions.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is any kind of noise that a person may hear in their ears or head that is not coming from an outside source. These noises can be ringing, buzzing, hissing, humming, high and low pitch tones, etc.


Sometimes, the cause may be as simple as having wax in your ears. At other times, it may be a symptom of hearing loss or medications that you may have taken. Tinnitus can also be caused by overexposure to noise.

What to Do

If you think you have tinnitus, seek out a tinnitus treatment specialist and get your hearing tested. There are ways to treat tinnitus. If you have a hearing loss, wearing hearing aids can help mask the tinnitus. If you do not have a hearing loss, there are audiologists and other specialists who can help treat your tinnitus.


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